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Case Analysis Evaluation Criteria free essay sample

Displays full understanding of issue. Presents an insightful and thorough analysis of all questions. Supports analysis with logical arguments and evidence; presents balanced view drawn from multiple sources of knowledge. Presents well-reasoned, and insightful recommendations/ decisions supported by comprehensive and reliable evidence ND/or data.Little or no omission evidence. Anticipates/identifies most of the current as well as future implications and consequences of the recommendations/decisions Little or no omissions in the identification of implications and consequences. BRI Issue/Problem Identification (15%) Limited ability to clearly identify the issue/opportunity and its various components/variables. Correctly identifies issue/opportunity but certain key components/variables remain unclear or omitted. Precisely identifies and describes the issue/opportunity including the majority f its key components/variables.Understanding of issue is not impeded by the omission of undefined variables. ANA Analysis and Application (20%) Strategic Recommendations Decisions BRB implications Consequences Presents a superficial analysis of some of the questions. We will write a custom essay sample on Case Analysis Evaluation Criteria or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Supports analysis with limited reasons and evidence; presents a somewhat one-sided argument with little integration of material beyond the case. Presents some complete, clear, and realistic recommendations/ decisions supported by some complete and reliable evidence and/or data.

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The Molecule Essays - DNA, Genetics, Nucleic Acids,

The Molecule In the autumn of 1951, James Watson (left) and Francis Crick (right) started work on unravelling the structure of DNA. It was known at the time that DNA was present in the nucleus of every living cell, and that it had something to do with heridity, but without a knowledge of its structure little more could be understood about how it actually worked. They approached the problem with the same methodology that had been pioneered by Linus Pauling, who after years of exhaustive study had earlier discovered that many proteins exhibited a helical structure. Their task was to devise a structure which would account for all the chemical and X-ray evidence, and at the same time be consistent with all the structural features of the units involved - such as the size and shape, bond angles and lengths, configurations and conformations. X-ray diffraction photographs of DNA fibres taken by Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins showed a distinctive X-shape, which was characteristic of a helix structu re, but strong arcs on the meridian indicated a repeating structure 3.4 ? apart. And from the chemical evidence, it was known that part of the structure was comprised of 4 heterocyclic bases, adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C) and thymine (T), somehow linked together with sugar units and phosphates. One of the biggest puzzles was that although the proportion of these bases varied from one DNA to another, it was always found that the number of A = T, and G = C. Adenine Guanine Cytosine Thymine The 4 bases which make up DNA (Click on each image to get its 3D molfile). Using molecular models, Watson and Crick devised a structure in which all of the building blocks fitted together without crowding or overlapping, and which permitted a great deal of stabilisation by Hydrogen bonds. Moreover, these Hydrogen bonds were of the kind that Pauling had shown to be the strongest and therefore the most important for determining structure in proteins, namely N-H-N or N-H-O. In April 1953 Watson and Crick published their structure - the now famous double helix. This brilliant accomplishment ranks as one of the most significant discoveries in science because it led the way to an understanding of genetics in terms of the molecules involved. In 1962 they received the Nobel prize for Medicine in recognition of this achievement, along with Maurice Wilkins of Kings College London who had performed the initial X-ray crystallography studies. A very small section of DNA showing the double helix structure linked by bases, like the rungs on a twisted ladder. (Click here or on the image to get 3D structure in Molfile format). (Click here to get an interactive 3D structure in pdb format - requires Chime). Bases, Nucleotides and Nucleosides In every living cell there are found nucleoproteins - substances made up of proteins combined with natural polymers, the nucleic acids. Where the backbone of a protein molecule is a polyamide (or polypeptide) chain, the backbone of a nucleic acid molecule is a polyester chain (called a polynucleotide chain). The ester is derived from phosphoric acid (the acid portion) and a sugar (the alcohol portion). Polynucleotide chain The sugar is D-ribose, which is in the group of nucleic acids called ribonucleic acids (RNA), and D-2-deoxyribose forms the basis of DNA. The 2-deoxy simply indicates the lack of an -OH group at the 2 position. Thus DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. Attached to the carbon at one side of the sugar is one of the 4 bases, A, C, G, or T. The base-sugar unit is called a nucleoside. Attached to the other side of the sugar is a phosphoric acid unit, linking the nucleoside to the neighbouring sugar. The base-sugar-phosphoric acid unit is called a nucleotide. Adenosine, a nucleotide containing adenine (red), deoxyribose (black) and phosphoric acid (blue). The 3D molfiles of all of the 4 nucleotides can be obtained here: A, C, G, T. Two of these polynucleotide chains, which can be many millions of nucleotides long, then wrap around one another to form the double helix structure, with every A group H-bonding to the T group on the adjacent chain (see here for A-T molfile), and every G group H-bonding to its matching C group (see here for G-C molfile). DNA - the source of

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Robinson Crusoe Analytical Paper Essay Example

Robinson Crusoe Analytical Paper Essay Example Robinson Crusoe Analytical Paper Paper Robinson Crusoe Analytical Paper Paper Essay Topic: Analytical Dunkirk Literature The story takes place at the city of York. He was bon in this city and it is where he grew up. After their voyage they went to London, it is where he met new people and stayed there for years. After his second voyage the ship was attacked by pirates and he was brought in what seemed to be an inhabited place. After he run away from the pirates he saw a ship and thy decided to take him to Brazil and stayed there for two years. After this he decided to take another voyage. In his voyage their ship was bulged and slowly breaks to pieces. After that he didnt remember how he got in to that place, he was trapped there. When he saw men with cannibals and he save them same with the other prisoners. The captain of the ship gave him a reward and he requested to let him get back to England. Character: Robinson Crusoe A shipwrecked English man, he is brave man, faithful to god, he give mush importance to his friends and love ones. Xury The kid that he took with him escaping from Sallee River, he is hardworking it is shown when Crusoe save him he seemed to give a lot of help. Friday was the servant whom the captain gave him to help him in his work, he is also hardworking. Laddie his pet that he found at the ship after the storm, he was also brave, Summary: The novel of Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel Defoe (1660 1731). It is a story of a merchant who is born of a rich family who decided to join the crew of shipmen where little by little he learns the way of life, through the mischiefs and troubles he encountered. The novel is based on a true to life story of Alexander Selkirk. He is a sailor of the Cinque Ports galley. He was shipwrecked and lived alone the island for years. Robinson Kreutzner was born in the year 1632 in a certain city of York. He was the third son of his parents who have a very good name. He has two brothers one of which becomes a colonel to an English regiment who was killed in Dunkirk, and the other one whom he knows nothing. Soon being the last child his father pressed him earnestly to take the inheritance his father will give him including the profession Robinson Crusoe never loved. He takes his own steps and decided to be a sailor on September 1651 Crusoe (he was later called by this name because of the corruption of words in England) went board a ship bound for London. The earlier part of the journey he realized that his having sea sickness. After the violent storm one of his shipmates told him that what he encountered is nothing compared to the things he experience. Crusoe realized that he have a very long way to go to, to be able to be a successful sailor. After a weeks of agonizing journey theyve reach London. In London Robinson has no idea where to go, but with the help of the captain ha was able to get shelter, Robinson has no hesitation with the help offered by the man in exchange that he would go voyage with him. With the help of the man ha was able to go to another voyage, unfortunately the man wasnt lucky enough to live. But still he continued his journey and while on the voyage there ship was attacked by pirates. He was brought in what seemed to be an inhabited place there he was keep captive. One day he volunteered to fish for the pirates. The pirates allow but with the accompaniment of one of the pirates and a servant. While fishing he pushed the man in the water and take Xury (the boy) with him. Through their journey, Xury seemed to give a lot of help. One time the boy help him to kill the lion while on their way searching for fellow men Crusoes attention was called by the coming of a Portuguese ship. The men decide to take the both of them to Brazil. The captain of the ship was kind enough to give a job to Crusoe, but this are not the only things he gave Crusoe. He was given things that he might need in his everyday life, he was also given a servant (Negroe named Friday) which help him in his work as a planter. Crusoe decided to another journey but since he dont have a single money left the captain help him in exchange for the service of the young boy Xury. He believes that the boy would have a better life with captain. So Crusoe joined the journey on the 1st day of September 1659, the exact same day eight years ago when he decided to join the trip. Only this time the weather seemed to be on their sides. Then at last Crusoe view something from afar he saw a very violent tornado it has been how many days that the wind blew hard and the sea gets higher and higher. Then it happened the ship slowly break into pieces. He didnt remember anything after that only that the time when he walked to the shore lifting his hands feeling about joy and grief after that he fell in a deep sleep. When he woke up it was broad daylight and the storm have subsided. Then he look from places to places then he saw the ship was bulged in the rocks not far from where he was. He went and look for things that is important to him, he was shock that laddie the ship dog was still alive, after he slowly move some parts of the ship to form a raft strong enough to carry things from the ship to the shore. He searches the island for possible place to build a shelter, he saw something that made him jump, he have killed a what seemed to be a hawk and a rabbit. He went back again and formed a second raft. This time he smuggled all he needs. Just as he went down of the ship a storm blew, luckily he was fast enough to smuggle things which has importance to him. He have a perfect view of the sea and a protection against the animals or beast slowly he transfer all the things from the shore. Then he wrote his journal to record. Little by little his life has been improving he was able to breed sheeps, fowls and was able to plant corn, but then another hurricane blew but he was able to overcome it, he became very ill that he was not able to take care oh his sheeps. He is also starting to study the different weather and by time he was able to cope with it. He decided to travel across the island. After two years he now has thirty to forty goats his been happily living his life. Until one day, something lifts his spirit when he saw foot prints of a man. For years Robinson cant sleep well he kept on thinking about those foot prints. One day upon returning to the side of the island he saw a group of people whom he easily identified as cannibals. He saw men with the cannibals and he saves them the same with the other prisoners. After what Crusoe did to the captain he offered him gold and he requested the captain to let him get back to England. After they arrived he learned that he is now very rich and decided to stay there and get married. Soon he found a wife and Friday live with them. Analysis: The novel is great novel because it is written in a very simple manner, yet the authors way of narrating the story implies in the reality that Robinson have seen through out his journeys and voyages. There are only few Philosophies during the time of Defoe that is being shown in the novel Here are some of them Every thing has an amount. During his time the women pay the dowry to marry the man it is repay the parents of the man all of the things they have done for him. In the novel this was shown during the time when Xury was exchange just to be able to join anther journey. The children decide for him. The parents dont care about what his childs wants to be as long as it will do him good. The person owes a dept to someone who has done him something good and can be repay when the other needs the help of the other. Moral of the Novel Robinson Crusoe during Daniel Defoes Time In the novel Robinson Crusoe there are many moral that Defoe is trying to teach us. He believes that by using the novel as a form of teaching the readers will learn more. Here are some of the different moral that Defoes been pointing out to the readers. Defoe is trying to show us that as long as we are alive there is no reason we must give up on our life. He is trying to each us that as long as we are alive we have the chance to change our life from right to wrong. And that we should not lose hope on the things that god will give us those challenges if he knows we can do it. He showed this throughout the novel. Crusoe didnt give up even thought all things have left him he just believe in his abilities and e never lose hope and fought through out the end. He is trying to teach us that we must always have faith in god. Because no matter what happen he is the only one that would stay with us. He showed this when Crusoe first joined the voyage to London. The moment the storm blew so hard. He just prayed and prayed until the storm subsided. The other one is during his last voyage he prayed to god though his crew members died he still was able to lie because of his faith. We must follow our heart and believe in our self. We must not follow others of what we will become. This was shown when he decided to become a sailor and turn the offer being given by his father. We must learn from our mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are the best teachers. Thats why we have mistakes is to be able to know our weaknesses and try to improve it. It is shown in the novel he chooses to repeat what happened before to him. There is always room for improvement. We are only human thats why every time we commit wrong things we are given another chance to improve things. This happened when he realized all his capabilities. Money has no importance in this world. It is just evil that has a form. What is important is the love other people has been trying to give us and that we are alive. We must cherish friendship. No matter what happen our true friends will always be there for us. They are the only ones that understand our weaknesses and strengths. Crusoe give big importance to his friends. For example he always take care Xury. And Friday he tried to teach him about the things he know. Conclusion: This novel shows a brilliant lesson and gives philosophies of the 15th century. And I believe that this novel is a very good one because it can relate to the life story of Robinson to the story of a normal teenage boy. And it really attracts the readers because the story is based on a true to life story.

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Chemistry revision notes Essay Example for Free

Chemistry revision notes Essay The oxidation state or oxidation number, is a value assigned to a chemical species which represents its actual or nominal electrical charge. The oxidation number in a free or uncombined element is zero. This means that, metallic magnesium has an oxidation number of zero, and chlorine in Cl2 form has an oxidation state of zero. For simple ionic compounds, the oxidation state of the single atom ions is simply the charge on the ions. In most compounds the oxidation number for hydrogen is +1 and for oxygen is -2. The exceptions include the hydrides (the oxidation state is -1) and the peroxides (the oxidation state for oxygen is -1). In the compounds, halides usually have the oxidation number -1. The sum of all the oxidation numbers in a compound have to be equal to zero. The sum of all the oxidation states in a complex ion is the same as the charge on the ion. Semiconductors A covalent element such as silicon or germanium which has a higher conductivity than that of a typical non-metal but a much lower conductivity than that of a metal is described as a semiconductor. Semiconductors are also referred to as metalloids and they occur at the division between metals and non-metals in the Periodic Table. Key facts : 1. The electrical conductivity of semiconductors increases with increasing temperature. 2: Doping pure crystals of silicon or germanium with certain other elements produces 2 types of semiconductors: n- type and p-type semiconductors. The addition of small quantities of certain substances to pure silicon greatly enhance its conductivity and makes possible the construction of electronic devices. This controlled addition of impurities is called ‘doping’. 1. doping pure silicon with phosphorus or arsenic (group 5 elements) these elements have 5 valence electrons, a few of the silicon atoms are replaced by P, As atoms — 1 electron is left over after the 4 bonds have been formed. The extra electron is free to conduct an electric current and the phosphorus-doped silicon becomes a conductor called n-type. B. doping with boron or aluminium (group 3 elements). By doping with an element having 3 valence electrons some of the silicon atoms are replaced by boron atoms, but because each boron has only 3 electrons, one of the four bonds to each boron atom has only 1 electron in it. We can think of this as a vacancy or hole in the bonding orbital. An electron from a neighbouring atom can move in to occupy this vacancy. As a result of this movement this type of conductor is called p-type. Superconductors 1. Superconductors are a special class of materials that have zero electrical resistance at temperatures near absolute zero. 2. Achieving temperatures near absolute zero is difficult and costly so application of superconduction at these temperatures is impractical. 3. Recently superconductors have been discovered which have zero resistance up to temperatures above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen- temperatures which are less costly to attain. 4. Superconductors may have a future applications in power transmission and electrically powered forms of transport. Chemistry revision notes. (2017, Aug 10).

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MOVEO folding electric scooter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

MOVEO folding electric scooter - Essay Example In marketing of MOVEO, a folding electric scooter of Antro group, an intensive research has been done in the markets globally to enable for the sale of moveo. This is in line with the strategies of a good marketing communication plan that requires intensive research before the launch of a plan to market a product in the market. The marketing of Moveo entails the understanding of in-depth target audiences. Moreover, the processes of selling, buying and communication need to be included in the marketing communication plan to enable for an effective marketing of Moveo. Marketing plan needs to outline interactions processes in procedures for an effective marketing. In this paper, marketing communication plan has the following tools and information that produces a foremost-speed marketing communications sketch for the purchase of moveo globally. First, the development of marketing communication arrangement has been considered, communications planning guide, marketing tactical plan, market ing budget plan and finally a schedule to prevent any constrains in the marketing of Moveo. The inclusion of the above procedures in the marketing plan creates overwhelming markets for the buying and selling of moveo products across the world (Boy Scouts of America, 2009). In the development of market communication plan, the figure below has been considered to show how different channels of communication work to enable for an effective buying and selling of Moveo in the global market. The development of the plan includes facing of materials by customers. The materials include press releases, brochures, web sites and trade shows (Clark, 2004). The marketing communication plan of moveo includes keeping the company voice in one, across vast number of products, customer interactions and regions, enabling varied groups of citizens to create incorporated infrastructure channels, assisting in the

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Solving problems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Solving problems - Essay Example This article will also, among others, cover an action plan for the implementation and communication of the solution. In the recent past decades, the steel industry has morphed through copious changes and steel producers have had to adjust themselves to cope with the heightened competition within the industry as all players seek ways of achieving the much desired competitive advantage over rivals (Crandall, 1981). On its part, despite the massive investments in Information Technology, the competitiveness of USS has not changed much. A major concern lies in the USS’ high production cost that keeps it lagging behind its South Korean and English counterparts in terms of efficiency. This clearly came in the 1990s when the company’s inefficiency in its tracking system prompted the Ford Motor Company, one of its major clients, to threaten pulling out and to seek the services of other steel makers, citing USS’ production inconsistency as the major cause of this. The investment in IT seems to have helped but the company still faces major inventory and forecasting challenges. Prior to the major investments in IT, USS’ information flow between the company’s individual plants, factories and major clients could be summarized as inaccurate, inflexible and unmanageable (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2007). The company’s current challenge of high production costs is the main cause for the inventory and forecasting vicious cycle. Its deficiency in a competent tracking system has prompted increased inventories which in turn has lead to lots of wastage and translated to huge costs of containing the enormous amounts of steel within its inventory. Having lagged behind the major industry players, USS has to reinvent itself if it is to make any possible contributions to its already damaged reputation. The warning from Ford Motor Company should have served as a warning enough to trigger a major

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Reusability of Code Essay Example for Free

Reusability of Code Essay Designing a code can often take a lot of time, depending on the complexity of the coding. This is why code reusability has become a standard when it comes to computer programming. But to understand why you would reuse code, you need to understand what goes into creating code. This essay will compare and contrast procedural programming modules and objects. Also, it discuss the security terms in hiding code, passing of data versus data encapsulation, code reuse in more than one program, and how object-oriented methods are similar to procedural modules. According to Gaddis (2010) there are two methods of programming that are primarily used: Object-oriented and Procedural. Procedural programming is more focused on creating procedures; object-oriented programming is focused on creating objects. When dealing with procedures, the data items are separate from the procedures. Gaddis (2010) says this can cause problems, but at the same time it will help the program become larger and more complex. But where procedural programming separates code and data, object-oriented programming handles it through encapsulation and data hiding. Encapsulation takes an object and combines data and code into it. Data hiding makes it possible to hide code in the inside of an object from the code outside of the object. An object normally hides its data, but leaves the methods available for access. Gaddis (2010) states, â€Å"When an object’s internal data is hidden from outside code and access to that data is restricted to the object’s methods, the data is protected from accidental corruption.† There is also no reason to worry about formatting of the code inside the object, just the methods of the object. If you want to reuse codes, the best way to do it is to create modules. They let you duplicate code in a program so that you can execute whenever you  need the service. The Microsoft website (What Is Reusable Code?, 2013) says that code reusability can be used if the code doesn’t have to modified, and can perform a specific service regardless of what the application uses it. It just can be too complex of a code. Just as we use standards in everyday life, there are standard code that is used with computer programs. Venit and Drake say (2011) that inheritance goes along with code reusability. Inheritance takes the methods and attributes from old classes and uses them in new ones. In conclusion, there are different aspects between object-oriented programming and procedural programming. These two methods have different ways of functioning within a program. And as long as a code isn’t to complex, code reuse is very possible. References Gaddis, T. (2010). Starting Out with Programming Logic Design (Second Edition ed.). Addison-Wesley. Microsoft. (2013). What Is Reusable Code? Retrieved from Venit, S., Drake, E. (2011). Prelude Programming Concepts and Design (Fifth Edition ed.). Addison-Wesley.